Celebrating 15 Years of Bliss!

When I set own to start my own public relations consulting business 15 years ago, I didn’t really know what to expect. My first solo venture was both exciting and terrifying…I’d laid the foundation for months, even years, prior to hanging out my shingle. I’d talked to other solopreneurs about how to set up an office, organize financials and even find clients. Everything was in place. But, the big question was, would they come? 

Even before opening my doors, I managed to line up two clients who were there the moment I stepped out on my own. I was also fortunate that the agency I’d been working with hired me back to work on an account. The thing I’d worried most about became less of a worry, as I focused on delivering great service to my clients at reasonable rates. 

15 years later, I’m proud to say that’s still my focus. Over the years, I’ve successfully worked with companies large and small to provide them with results-based solutions to their PR challenges. The more I get out to speak about PR, the more I understand that people need help. It need not be over-priced, but it does need to deliver results. People are looking for someone they can partner with to accomplish their objectives, someone who can show them the value PR can add to their marketing outreach. 

Going solo isn’t for everyone–but it certainly was a great choice for me. 

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