TMI–Is There Such a Thing When It Comes to Your Business?

I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of small business owners yesterday. After the talk, one attendee came up to tell me how much she appreciated my openness and honesty, as far as sharing information. I’ve learned that sharing information openly is a key to being of value to others. If you hold all your information too close to the vest, it can hinder your efforts. Sharing helps both the recipient, as well as the provider, of the information.

I don’t know that there is such a thing as sharing “too much information” when it comes to your business. By sharing what you know, you’re showing others that you’re an expert resource to turn to when they have exhausted their own ability to take what you’ve shared and run with it. ¬†Openly sharing helpful information isn’t “giving away the farm”…it’s actually beneficial to share what you know so that you are THE resource they remember when they, or when someone they know, needs your help. It also builds trust, which is crucial to a good relationship, be it business or personal.

“Transparency” is a business buzzword these days, but really, people just want to be dealt with openly and honestly. Genuinely wanting to help others and share what you know comes across and will win over many more than will being stingy with the information.



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