B2B PR That Gets Results

A Guide to Simple and Targeted Public Relations Practices

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Praise for B2B PR That Gets Results:

“I am excited to share that I have recently started reading ‘B2B PR That Gets Results’ by Michelle Garrett and have already discovered valuable tips, resources, and tools to enhance my journalistic skillset. Navigating the world of B2B Public Relations can be challenging, but Michelle expertly breaks it down and provides practical insights. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and excel in the field of B2B PR.”

“Only a few pages in and I’m loving this new book by Michelle Garrett. It starts strong with setting expectations and targeting tactics to a real audience.”

“The PR Book We All Need! Michelle Garrett is a master in PR and this book is the toolkit, instruction manual and PR bible that every publicist needs. Michelle gives you practical tools and tips on how to make PR work for you and your client and how to do it the right way. I’ve always appreciated Michelle’s wisdom and guidance and now she’s put it all in a book for every one of us…it’s truly a gift!”

About B2B PR That Gets Results

Do you struggle to make public relations work?

Frustrated because you wish you understood how to use your limited time and resources to achieve real PR momentum?

Feel like standing out from your competitors is an endless battle?

Repeatedly ranked among the top ten most influential PR professionals, Michelle Garrett has been delivering results for B2B organizations for years.

And now she’s compiled her lifetime of award-winning teaching and consulting into a straightforward handbook to elevate you as a leader in the industry.

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B2B PR That Gets Results is a succinct distillation of wisdom gained from over two decades of boots-on-the-ground work in public relations and marketing. Using her signature no-nonsense style, Garrett crafts her own experience and stories from experts in the field into down-to-earth takeaways that you can apply instantly. And by strategically following her smart blueprints, you’ll be able to smoothly navigate frustrations working with reporters, ethical dilemmas, and budgetary constraints, all while rocketing toward success.

In B2B PR That Gets Results: A Guide to Simple and Targeted Public Relations Practices, you’ll discover:

  • Why you can stop shoving expensive tools at your problems and rely on savvy marketing to make your mark
  • How scaling back pitches can renew your energy and improve buy-in from your target audience
  • The importance of momentum and leveraging in-house assets to get things revved up
  • Ways to rethink what clients are asking for versus what they really need so everyone walks away happy
  • Tips for dodging undesirable media cycles, an outline for starting a PR consultancy, and much, much more!

B2B PR That Gets Results is a practical resource for small to mid-sized business owners. If you like unvarnished insights, budget-friendly strategies, and advice from the trenches, then you’ll love Michelle Garrett’s tell-it-like-it-is reference.

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