In Honor of Halloween: A “Scary” Week for PR

This week was an interesting one for PR pros, as we faced challenges due to a number of current events that came together to create a “perfect storm” for those of us who regularly pitch reporters on behalf of our clients.

Even last week, I had received feedback from reporters that this wasn’t a good time to pitch any news not related to the upcoming presidential election. So when the hurricane came into play this week, it pretty much put an end to any media outreach outside Sandy or how the candidates might be responding. Not exactly what clients want to hear, but to proceed poses the risk of alienating reporters. (Now that’s SCARY!)

With the election next week, it’s probably best for us PR folks to put our pitching efforts on the back burner and wait it out. Let’s hope the week of Nov. 12 is uneventful, because–EEK!–Thanksgiving is coming up the following week…!

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