Client Success Story: Supplybase, Inc.

Key Facts

The Client

Supplybase, Inc., a provider of web-based supply chain management solutions.

The Results

Placed more than 30 articles in business and trade press publications including USA Today, Business Week, Computerworld, Design News, and Electronic Buyers’ News.

The Outcome

Supplybase acquired in March 2000 for $380 million in stock by i2 Technologies, a leading provider of e-business solutions.


When I began working with Supplybase in Aug. 1999, they were just launching their flagship product, Supplybase.manager, a web-based software product to make collaboration between engineers and their suppliers easier and faster.

Supplybase was then working with a public relations agency who had planned a short media tour for them. They had received little coverage when I came aboard as their “virtual” public relations manager, working with them 20 hours a week.

I worked as an integral part of the Supplybase marketing team, attending their weekly meetings and helping to formulate the strategy and messaging to increase visibility of the company with the press and industry analysts, as well as potential customers, employees and partners. I handled media relations (managing a subcontractor and an agency during launches), wrote press releases, worked with partners and customers on joint PR opportunities, helped plan and support trade shows and events, planned and managed press tours, presented results at team and company meetings, and provided general strategy, counsel and education.

In March 2000, Supplybase was acquired by i2 Technologies for $380 million in stock. I believe my efforts helped play an important role in the company’s success, as we were able to place more than 30 stories in business and trade publications such as USA Today, Business Week, Electronic Buyers’ News, Design News, Purchasing, InformationWeek, and others.