Nurture Your Relationships to Grow Your Business

I just came back from vacation. I went to one of my favorite places—the beach. While I was there, I had some time to think. I started thinking about relationships. More to the point, I started reflecting about business relationships.

We always have to keep in mind—no matter how busy we get—that relationships are the foundation of everything we do in business.

When you pay attention to your relationships, they really can work for you. So, when a colleague asks a favor, be willing and ready to help. You want to help because it’s the right thing to do. It’s good karma. And, you never know what helping a colleague may lead to. Of course, don’t do it with a self-serving attitude, but helping others not only benefits them, but many times, it benefits YOU as well.

For many of us, there is no greater professional high than connecting people in our network who may benefit each other. The best colleagues are those who are good at making connections.  I’ve seen the benefits of this over and over again.

And, on the other side of this “deep” thought, we shouldn’t be afraid to reach out and ask those in our networks for help when we need it. I don’t know about you, but I can’t count the number of times I’ve second-guessed myself when I’ve thought of asking for help from a colleague. Maybe I was looking for an introduction or for some advice. The thoughts of doubt crept into my mind. “Oh, he’s too busy.” Or “She may think I’m being a pest.”

More recently, I’ve learned a valuable lesson—if you don’t ask, you have NO chance to get what you’re seeking. And, does it really hurt anything to ask? Why are we so afraid of asking?  What I’ve found is that most people are more than happy to help. If you keep in mind that the worst thing they can say is no, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

Yes, we’re all busy—but that shouldn’t stop us from looking for ways to connect to each other and to help each other in our professional lives. When we do take the time to help our colleagues, it feels good. And when we do it with the right attitude, one of gaining nothing in return, it means even more.

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