Labor Day is lurking–hold your PR activities until next week!

Don’t look now, but Labor Day is lurking just around the corner! While everyone looks forward to a long weekend–and this is summer’s last hurrah–it can throw a bit of a monkey wrench into your PR plans.

As I was thinking of my own clients and the timing of what they have coming up, I thought I’d share my tips for issuing news or contacting media around the holidays. Keep in mind:

  • The Friday before a holiday weekend can be a poor time to issue news or pitch reporters, as many take off early (or may even take the whole day off!)
  • Of course, the holiday is Monday–avoid contacting journalists then or issuing press releases
  • The Tuesday following the long holiday weekend should also be avoided, as many are coming back to inboxes filled with even more email than they’d normally have to slog through

So, bottom line: pitch before or after the holiday weekend, keeping these tips in mind! By the middle of next week, things should be getting back to normal and should be all clear for any media outreach you choose to do.

Enjoy the LONG weekend!


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