Reporters Want Images with Press Releases – But What Images Should You Include?

According to a new poll (see article and infographic here, “Content Marketing Trends for 2014,”, 73% of reporters believe press releases should include images. But for many companies, this begs the question, what images should be included?

Product press releases: This is simple enough—include an image of your product. For software, a screen or box shot will work.

Services: This is a little more challenging, but perhaps an image showing what your service does could be included. For example, if it’s a dog-walking service, you’ll show a photo of you walking dogs.

Events: This could be a logo of the organization sponsoring the event or perhaps a photo from last year’s event, if there was one. If you have a special guest appearing or speaking, an image of him or her is appropriate to include. Even an image of the location of the event might work.

Customer success story press releases: This could be a logo or perhaps an image that relates to the customer in some way. Be sure to get the customer’s approval to use the image.

Personnel announcements: Include an appropriate head shot with the announcement. (This seems to go without saying, but I’m constantly amazed at the “professional” photos some folks want to use!)

What if you don’t have an appropriate image? Create one! You can create an infographic (VERY popular), for example. 

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