Opening Their Eyes

by Michelle Garrett

Some clients are very well versed in all things PR—however, most are not. It’s the job of the PR consultant to open their eyes to what PR can do for them and provide counsel on how to leverage their budget to make the most of the opportunities out there. 

It’s a mistake to assume clients understand PR, which is why they hire someone to help. It’s not even about selling them anything. It’s really about having patience and taking the time to explain how the PR process works. It may seem simple, but once you start peeling back the layers, there’s more to PR than just writing a press release. 

All of us need to be coaches and teachers sometimes, as we’re the expert. Once you’ve taken the time to explain the approach, then it’s the client’s role to trust your expertise and let you do your thing. This is how trust is built, on both sides of the relationship. 

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