Had a great time as a guest PR expert on MediaLeaders Google+ Hangout today!

What a blast today participating as part of a panel of PR pros on MediaLeaders Google+ Hangout! Check out the video here: https://medialeaders.com/public-relations-tips-brands/

Everyone gave PR tips for small businesses–mine was about how to leverage social media, which many small businesses still are a) either not using at all or b) not using consistently. It’s free–all it costs is your time–so it’s definitely a tool worth checking out. Many seem to be overwhelmed by the very idea, but it’s really not that difficult with a little practice. Get your feet wet by trying out a Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook account for your business.

Twitter is especially easy to set up.¬†Once you have your account set up on Twitter, not only can you “tweet” content of interest to your audience, you can also use the account to “follow” others–including reporters who may be interested in your company. This is a great way to start to build relationships, and they may even “follow” you back! What’s not to like?! A free tool that may result in media coverage–which may result in increased visibility–which may result in new customers or more sales! Gotta love it!

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