Startups 30% More Likely to Get Funding with PR

Just saw this article in Fast Company about how much more likely startups are to get funding if they engage in PR–30% more likely!

Sometimes, the rub is that startups have trouble finding the budget to include PR in their early stages. That’s where a good consultant can come in. While startups may need PR, they DON’T need to overspend on it. Consultants offer an affordable alternative and can be very effective in getting them the visibility they need to get out in front of the VCs, not to mention customers!

This article also discusses how PR can take something humdrum that the masses may not care about and turn it into something they can relate to. The author says (and I’m borrowing this directly from the article because I love the way she wrote it!), “Great PR–and yes there is such a thing–transforms a product or service into something meaningful.” 

This is what’s truly at the heart of a good PR effort–making your audience care about what you have to offer, be it a product, service, or event. Sometimes, PR can take your messaging and turn it into something a reporter, VC or potential customer MUST hear more about. In essence, it whets their appetite to learn more. 

True, PR isn’t a magic bullet–but it can be the catalyst that ignites interest in what you’re selling. 


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