Why PR is Key to a Startup’s Success

June 12, 2012

I read this blog piece today and while it may be common knowledge to some, it bears repeating–PR can help a startup succeed–or fail: https://michellegarrett.com//bostinno.com/channels/why-pr-is-a-startups-key-to-success/

Here’s my favorite quote from the post: “When startup ventures first break ground in the business world, they lack exposure to potential customers or the media. This is where public relations steps in. While roles change from place to place, PR experts are generally responsible for communications efforts, maintaining the company’s positive image, and gaining exposure. This can include pitching to media – journalists, bloggers, etc. – to get a product or service recognized, creating brand recognition, or hosting publicity and networking events. It’s not just the old fashioned way of press releases in startup success. Ventures need exposure to all outlets, whether that be a client or customer. Good exposure can drive a company straight towards victory!”

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